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Description Of Work: Wallpaper removal, drywall repair and tape, prepping for paint and painting master bath. Paint Master Bedroom and Front door and trim.

Member Comments: I was very pleased with Ayala painting from start to finish. They were professional and responsible in their care for my home while they worked. They were diligent and courteous and the finished product is great.

Shelly Ciafre, Lincoln University

Description Of Work: Prepped my deck for painting and then a very professional paint job. They arrived when they said they would and they cleaned up the area.

Member Comments: The job went well. Very professionally done for a fair price.

Susan Green, Newport, Delaware

Description Of Work: Painted crown molding, bookshelves, skylights, metal part of fireplace, and windows in living room.

Member Comments: We have a firsthand knowledge of how hard it was to repaint the bookshelves in a different color as we tried to do it ourselves to no avail before hiring Ayala. Adrian and his 3-men crew were very accommodative with our requests, and surprised us with the end result. We really appreciate their attention to detail, as well as their punctuality and overall work ethic.

Rong Liu, Greenville, DE

Description Of Work: Entire exterior of house - all siding, concrete, chimneys, garage doors, and deck. Also - removed wallpaper and painted an interior half bathroom.

Member Comments: Adrian and team were great from start to finish. He provided my wife with a bunch of color options and worked with her to pick out the perfect colors for the house, foundation, concrete, and deck. We agreed upon a date and he and his team started on time. The teams of painters were on time every day, kept everything clean, and hard working. The entire process was seamless and easy. The house looks great and it was pleasure doing business with Adrian. I would highly recommend Ayala Painting and plan on using them again in the future when we are ready to paint the interior of our house.

Harold Paulson, Chadds Ford, PA

Description Of Work: A large deck and bilco door were pressure washed, primed, and stained.

Member Comments: The owner came right out to give me an estimate. He offered to replace some warped boards. I had a specific stain in mind and he had no problem with picking that up. The work was done promptly and they did a wonderful job. They also cleaned up after themselves and moved the deck furniture for me. I would definitely use them again.

Christine Olenik, Talleyville, DE

Description Of Work: We had them paint the entire main bedroom, approx. 12 X 13 ft., walls, ceiling, trim, one side of doors (3), clean and polish the hard wood floor, and paint the ceiling in the kitchen, about 10 X 13 ft. They primed, and put two coats of paint on all surfaces, as well as filling all cracks, and filling nail "pockets". They did this work in just under two 8 hr. days. The first day, there was a crew of three to do the bedroom painting, and the second day, a crew of two, did the kitchen ceiling, and polished the bedroom floor, as well as touch up in the bedroom. They were very conscientious, and professional. It addition they put down tarps, on all floors they walked on in the house, and, of course, completely covered all furniture, cabinets, etc. when painting with plastic sheeting. They did everything that was asked of them, and the leader of the crew, Antonio, was especially professional, and went out of his way to insure that everything we asked of them was satisfied. We found him to be very talented and conscientious. Because we were so pleased, we gave them about a 10% tip. We would not hesitate to use them again for another painting project. In addition they were very accommodating, and changed the start date without question, after we determined that we needed to change it.

Member Comments: They arrived on a Wed. morning (The one slight "hiccup" was that they arrived about 8:15 am, and we had asked them to start at 9:30am, they apologized for arriving early, and immediately agreed to wait until 9:30.) Before starting, they confirmed that they had the correct paint. They then put down tarps, removed a mirror from a dresser, and then moved all the furniture to the center of the room where they wrapped and sealed it with plastic sheeting. (We had moved all smaller items out of the room, including shades, electrical covers, and the like.) The crew of three then put tarps on the floor, and began pounding in nails, and filling all holes and cracks with spackling. They used heat guns to speed up drying, so that they could then sand the spackling and begin priming. They also sanded all trim and doors as needed. They then painted the walls (using rollers), first with primer, and then two coats of the water based outer paint coat. They used heat guns to speed the drying. They then painted ceiling in similar manner, and then trimmed the ceiling to the walls by hand, and painted all trim, doors, etc. by hand, including trimming to walls. They then removed all plastic sheeting and tarps, moved furniture to approx. final location, and reattached the mirror. They left room in condition in which it could be used. On Thurs. the crew of two arrived at requested time, moved table out of room, and covered all walls with plastic sheeting (We had again moved all smaller items.). They painted ceiling as they had done in the bedroom. When finished, they cleaned up kitchen, and left it in a useable condition, including remounting the ceiling light. They then touched up so spots in the bedroom that we pointed out, and then polished the floor, using a floor cleaner, and then a liquid finish that did not need to be polished. At this point, Adrian Ayala, the owner, arrived, and assisted in the floor work. They moved furniture as needed to accomplish this. After having us inspect the finished work, and confirm that it was acceptable, they removed all tarps, and remaining sheeting. They left all furniture where we requested them to leave it. They completed work, with all clean up, by about 5:00pm on Thursday. At that point we wrote a check to Adrian, including a tip (Which we asked him to distribute, but especially a greater portion to Antonio.), and told him how pleased we were with the work. He said how he appreciated working for us, and told us to call if we had any questions, or requests. At that point, they departed.

Claude Faulkner, Wilmington, DE

Description Of Work: Adrian's team painted six areas over a two and a half day period for me (powder room, mudroom, kitchen, family room, entrance hallway and stairwell hallway) and they did it on short notice.

Member Comments: The team did an excellent job and they accommodated all my small, sometimes picky requests (I tend to be very anal :). I wasn't going to paint the mudroom initially but Adrian made time to fit it in and it looks great. Adrian makes sure that there is great attention to detail from the spackling imperfections to painting the walls, ceiling, doors and trim. He came every day to check the work and I spoke with him on the phone every day. He even gave me good advice on my paint choices as every room was a different color. I was very pleased with the results. I had used him before to do some work outside the house and since that work was done with the same professionalism and emphasis on excellence I had no problem deciding to use him to paint the inside.

Brian Martin, Newark, DE

Description Of Work: The work involved removing old (22yrs) wallpaper from ceiling and walls in a 30x10 sun porch. They then prepared the walls and ceiling for paint and then painted the ceiling and walls. I did not believe they were going to be able to make our ceiling and walls new again but they did and we are very very happy!

Member Comments: The entire experience was amazingly pleasant. The workers showed up on time and worked quietly the entire time they were in our house. They were respectful of our home kept the work space neat and clean at all times. Because of the way the job went, we are having them come back for additional work in another part of our home.

Pamela Vassalotti, Wilmington, DE

Description Of Work: We used them. We got them to repaint the ceiling in the kitchen and hall due to damage from Hurricane Irene.

Member Comments: Mr. Ayala (Adrian) came quickly after I called him to give me an estimate. After approval he started work a few days later and completed the job quickly and efficiently in two days. He was open to my suggestions and comments and patient with my anal retentive nature :) He went out of his way to make sure that I was satisfied. He and his crew did a good job and I am very pleased with all the work they did.

Brian Martin, Wilmington, DE

Description Of Work: The entire interior of my 3 level townhouse which includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a powder room, linen closet, 5 closets, small storage room, living room, kitchen, dining room, billiard room and all of the trimming. My home is 17 years old located at 137 Einstein Drive Bear, Delaware. I requested Adrian of Ayala Painting to remove the all of the wall paper in the living and dining room along with painting the entire house with the specific colors provided by my Home stylist. Along with repairing the walls (numerous popping nails throughout the house) as my house has not been painted for over 14 years.

Member Comments: I contacted Adrian Ayala through Angie's list and gave him a call to set up an appointment for an estimate. He was very responsive and came to my home the following day and we look over my house thoroughly, providing me with suggesting about the trim work and the kind of paint they will use to paint my house. Two days later Adrian phones me and then came over to my house with an estimate for $6,600.00. I showed him the $500.00 coupon from Angie's list that reduces the estimate price to $6,100.00. They started the project a week later on Nov. 7, 2011 and projected it will take approximately 10 working days to complete the project. They completed the job in 13 working days on Nov. 21, taking just two days off during that period.

The interior of my house look beautiful, the team of 2 and some days 3 are highly skilled painters led by their team leader (Paco). He Paco suggested that I stained instead of paint the coat closet with a walnut stain. I agreed and he was correct it match the wood decor on the second level perfectly (Living, dinning, and kitchen). These painters particularly Paco are very through and detailed oriented. I was impressed that it only took 13 working days with all of the repairing and prepping of walls they had to do particularly the Living and Dining rooms that were wallpapered. What impressed me the most was they took the necessary time they needed to get it right the first time. Adrian, Paco and his team were very responsive to my concerns throughout the project and when they were done painting, they did an excellent job putting everything back in its original place and cleaning up the entire house. Oh by the way this painting team showed up for work at 8:00 am every morning!

What surprise me the most was with all of the staining and repairing of walls throughout my house the final bill was still $6,100, I plan to use them this spring to paint the exterior of my home. I am somewhat of a tough customer/critic but this Ayala painting company simply did a great job and I highly recommend this company.

Ralph DeJesus, Bear, DE

Description Of Work: I had my porch patched and painted, shutters painted, garage trim painted, front door and frame painted, basement window surrounds painted, sidewalks, walkway, curb, mailbox post, fence, house, shed, back steps, back steps cement pad and front yard corner markers power washed. In addition I had all my wood sealed an applied a mildew suppressant.

Member Comments: They were very good, did what they were contracted to do and finished when expected. They get high ratings and I would use them again if needed in the future.

Enrique Hernandez, Talleyville, DE

Description Of Work: Adrian Ayala presented a professional and expert presentation when he came to our new house in order to gain information for an estimate. We were very impressed by Mr. Ayala and although we went in a different direction, we would've definitely chosen his painting company.

Member Comments: Adrian Ayala sent us a very reasonable painting estimate amount.

Judith Easley, Newark, DE

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